Vincent Miller’s Legacy

Vincent Miller was born in Montreal, Quebec in 1944.
As a very young boy, his family moved to rural Ontario, and settled in picturesque Prince Edward County on the Bay of Quinte. It was there where his love for art blossomed and was encouraged by a talented local artist.
Vincent graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design in 1969. From there he went to York University, receiving his BA in Liberal Arts and BEd. A teaching career followed in visual arts for 31 years with the Toronto District School Board. In his last six years, Vincent served as art consultant, developing curriculum and programs to help teachers promote visual arts.
Vincent is an artist who works primarily in watercolours. The inspiration for his paintings comes from his travels both in Canada and abroad.
Some are visionary works, others of actual locations. He often adds subjects whether human or animal to create interest or to tell a story.
His work has appeared at various mixed art shows throughout the Toronto area and within the Georgian Triangle.

Vince Miller served on Wasaga Artist’s Executive as Treasurer and Art Demonstrator…..Vince leaves us with his legacy of his beautiful paintings;   warm personality and sense of humour.