About Us

The Wasaga Artists are a group of likeminded, creatives who wish to connect with other local art groups, community service clubs, and a few outreach programs, in order to share our love for the arts. Our group welcomes artists of all ages, skill level, and and backgrounds. Whether you are a quilter, painter, sculptor, or photographer, there is a place for every artist who wishes to share their creativity in a safe space, full of support and encouragement.

Our group meet every week from the start of September until the end of June, at the Wasaga RecPlex on Tuesdays between 1 and 4 pm.

Each year we host two art shows one in the summer and one in the fall. We also hold several workshops with fellow artists in order to learn new techniques in different mediums. Members have the opportunity to display their artwork here on our website, or to put on display in one of our ART GALLERIES at either the Rec Plex or the Municipal Town Hall.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please fill out our contact form. (We offer a pro rated membership fee is available for new comers joining later in the season).

Meet Our Executive Members!

President:​  David Bond

Secretary: Chari-Lynn Reithmeir

Membership: Jim Grant

Workshop Co-ordinator:   Adele Croce

Web Page Manager:  Karin Modotto

Treasurer:  Karina Hale

Art Show Co-ordinator: Lynn Crockford and Dave Nicholas

Social Convenor: Leny Jansma

Advertising: Open

Outreach Co-ordinator: Cathy McLeish and Kim Patillo

& Our Committees

ART SHOWS: Lynn Crockford, Dave Nicholas, Jayne Edwards, Karin Modotto

ART GALLERY: Sheila Clark, Bruce Belford, Jim Smith, Trevor Dring, Lenie Jansma, Donna Nadolny


OUTREACH:  Cathy McLeish, Kim Patillo, Jayne Edwards, Elaine Dempster, Ruth Roberts, Lenie Jansma, Donna Nadolny

SOCIAL COMMITTEE: Lenie Jansma, Bruce Belford, Sharon Mansbridge, Donna Nadolny

WORKSHOPS: Adele Croce, Ruth Roberts, Marilyn Thompson, Sandra Sheffield-Young