Jim Grant

View from Toronto Island

“Toronto The Good” or “Hogtown” … take your pick… but likely these names will always stick

Western Canadians don’t call it, “Toronto The Good”…. the rest of the world thinks, maybe they should

World class restaurants, museums, art galleries, and more… hundreds of condos, by Lake Ontario’s shore

One of the cleanest cities in the world, they say…. where you can safely walk at night, or play all day… in the many parks, or one of the beaches… from Pickering to Mississauga, the city reaches

The largest city in Canada by far… but best take public transit or you’ll be parked in your car

And here we see from the island view…

the incredible skyline….both old and new

The Circle of Life

The water ebbs so silently, away from rocks and land

With gentle whispers, sneaks away, increasing beach and sand

Be deceived not ….just watch out, for comes a quiet warning

The starless night will keep things calm but soon will come the morning

The winds pick up and start to howl, and clouds go rushing by

Those waves, so quiet through the night, are ready now to cry

The tide moves in, attacking land, so high the waves do rise

This isn’t new! Each day the cycle…really no surprise

From the dark and the deep, a sudden rush, along the beach and shore

The waves now crash upon the sand, the white foams seems to roar

As an angry human, who has lost control….how does it really feel?

Fear not, even though to you…the threat seems very real

A big mistake to let anger last 

    Just look to your future, not your past 

Before long, life calms again, like the water in retreat

The winds die down. The sea is calm…the circle now complete.

Spring Flowers

Every winter we watch the snow… knowing with spring it is sure togo 

Spring the season of anticipation… across the country, our great nation  

Four seasons, we love them all… but the two most colourful are spring an fall 

The flowers here arranged for beauty… grown ourselves…almost a duty   

To see our property kept with pride… the lawns groomed and the beds beside 

The wonders of nature everywhere abound… and planted flowers our homes surround 

Not just the flowers but the shrubs and the trees… a fresh coat of green…moved by a gentle breeze

After a winter too long with temps up and down… and now with spring comes relief from the dull grays and brown

So enjoy the scenery natural and man made… every flower and every blade For the spring is quite short…but not to worry… yes soon will be summer but we are not in a hurry

Jim Grant Bio

My career as a recreational artist started late. At 75 I needed to re-invent myself as I wanted to have purpose to my life having  recently ended a lengthy teaching career. Although I never intended to sell my work, I found it gratifying to go to the Wasaga Beach art shows to share my work and surprisingly get many compliments. I work in Acrylics and Water Colours and plan to start dabbling in oil. Most of my original paintings were of lighthouses but now I love to do paintings with sunrises or sunsets over the mountains and water. My favorite part is to finish a painting, give it a title, then write a poem about the painting that is a metaphor for aging. To see my paintings email me at [email protected] to arrange a visit to my gallery.