Silvana Canavesi

Silvana’s Bio

My name is Silvana. I am a mother of six children and an emigrant to Canada. I was born in a small Spanish speaking country in South America, namely Uruguay. Although I miss my loving family there and the sweet and harmonious days of being a child and growing up with four siblings, Canada has provided new and exciting challenges and opportunities in which I am able to flourish as a wife and mother and have now the opportunity to grow and develop as an artist.

My artistic studies started with graphite portraiture under the mentoring of a wonderful master teacher from Bolton.

Upon moving to Wasaga Beach just shy of the beginning of pandemic life, we had to switch to online learning, so 90 % of the art you see me produce has been learnt form watching videos and following online lessons.

I am moved by a desire to reach others through the art I paint and draw, hoping to learn an unspoken language that is there but can only be understood by those who truly seek to find healing and connection in what is said, but is not spoken of in words.